May 2022

Experienced in heritage properties, with high-quality products and craftsmanship

We moved into our Grade II-listed cottage in January 2021. It was built in 1885 and is a Tudor design with brick (cavity) walls downstairs and timber construction upstairs.

Listed buildings have been exempt from EPCs since 2013 but I found a 2011 EPC with a G rating (worst). I could see from our viewings that the previous owners had not invested in energy efficiency improvements. Two weeks after moving in we had a visit from the ‘Beast from the East 2’. I took some thermal images and could see that our home was glowing and heating the sky!

There are many myths regarding what works and improvements owners can make to listed buildings, so I researched the Historic England library and the secondary glazing market. Before placing the (Phase 1) order, I contacted the New Forest National Park planning department and received a letter back from their Buildings and Conservation Officer advising:-

“Listed Building Consent and Planning Permission are not required to install secondary glazing, so the contractors (Mitchell and Dickinson) can be engaged for the final measurements and installation at your earliest convenience. The company are clearly experienced in working on heritage properties and their products and craftsmanship are of high quality, suitable for use in listed properties.”

From Sales (Dan, Ed and Kirsty), Planning (Rachel) and Installation (Dominic, Will and Matt), we have found M&D to be very helpful and professional throughout. Listed Buildings are individual, so will throw up obstacles requiring project managers to think on their feet to find solutions. Dom was served a number of curveballs but he remained calm throughout, and identified cost-effective solutions.

Payback for Phase 1 was calculated as 4.9 years – this was before our electricity and LPG went up by 50%. It is early spring and we have had a few cold mornings. My wife and daughter have commented that the house feels warmer already. We are very happy to recommend Mitchell & Dickinson’s insulation solutions for period or listed properties.