Keep the heat in – and the draughts out

There’s nothing worse than feeling a chilly draught stealing across your sitting room while you are relaxing at home in winter. Unfortunately, in period homes, it’s a very common problem which results in you having to turn up the heating to counteract it. When you add up how much you’ve spent heating your home over a year, it’s a small fortune.

That’s why in traditional and period homes, we recommend fitting high quality, professional draught proofing that controls the loss of heat and draughts during cold weather while providing enough ventilation to allow the building to breathe. This can minimise condensation and keep your home from becoming damp.

In the pursuit of keeping period homes warmer in the most effective way, we’ve developed specialised draught proofing that uses durable rubber window and door seals, door brushes and concealed brush beading for sash windows. It looks attractive, unobtrusive and, most importantly, it does the job.

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Draught proofing solutions for period properties

Mitchell & Dickinson has provided our draught proofing solutions to owners of period homes and listed properties across the South West. Our craftsmen will work with you to make your home warmer in keeping with the age and style of your property. We are based in North Devon and also have an an office in Bristol. We can supply our draught proofing systems to owners of country homes and traditional period properties across the South West, including Truro, Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton, Bath and Bristol, as well as across the UK.

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