It’s not usually until the mercury plummets that people find themselves Googling ways to reduce energy bills and strategies for making their home warmer in winter. Insulation, draught proofing and secondary glazing are excellent energy-saving solutions, but they can be more complicated to install in a listed or period property, so it’s worth thinking ahead. Thankfully, Mitchell & Dickinson’s experts are on hand to help.

Works to install insulationdraught proofing and secondary glazing are usually carried out in the spring and summer, as they often involve associated restoration work in older properties. However, now is the time to get the (snow)ball rolling to ensure your home will be cosy next year.

Receive a comprehensive overview of your property

Every property is different, so it’s vital to get expert input on your energy-saving and home-warming ideas as early as possible. What fits an online case study might not be the right fit for your home, so before rushing ahead with quotes, take a moment to consult with Mitchell & Dickinson. We’re not only experts in sustainable energy-saving solutions, we also specialise in listed and period buildings so we can provide a comprehensive overview of your property’s needs.

Get the consent and approval process underway

Installing energy-saving solutions in period homes can require approval from a conservation officer. We can help you ascertain what will be required to meet the approval criteria. Establishing this from the outset can prevent time and money being wasted in installing an inappropriate solution. 95 per cent of our installations get approval and don’t need a full application for listed building consent. However, if you do need listed building consent, we can also manage this process for you.

Deeper insight into your property’s condition

Restoration work may be needed prior to the installation of energy-saving measures, particularly where windows and doors have deteriorated, to provide a sound, long-lasting base for draught-proofing and secondary glazing. By determining the condition of your property early, you can schedule restoration as part of the installation project, using a single, expert team. Our experienced heritage craftspeople work with the highest-quality materials, like sustainably sourced European oak, heritage glass and marine-grade-epoxy resin, for a flawless, durable, authentic finish.

Bespoke, sustainable and sympathetic solution

It’s worth taking time to discover energy-saving solutions that are kind to the wallet, planet and your home. We specialise in environmentally sustainable solutions that are sympathetic to period home features, such as leaded panes, sash windows, and stone-mullion and oak-framed windows. Our CosyGlazing secondary glazing system, for example, is virtually invisible and doesn’t obscure window features. It’s preferable to a double-glazed replacement in terms of cost and authenticity, has been approved for use in listed buildings, and can even be tailored to match the existing frame colour.

So, if the winter weather has got you reaching for extra blankets, get in touch to arrange an initial consultation and let us help you plan your energy-saving and home-warming solutions for 2022.