J Walker

Should have done it sooner! A month ago we had a range of windows in our listed property refurbished. Harry and Nico spent 10 days with us, and could not have made the experience easier. They set up their pop-up workshop in the backyard - a very impressive set-up - worked on our windows during

J Walker2024-04-05T08:47:46+01:00

Keith B

First class service and workmanship Everything went very smoothly, quality product and now we have a much warmer home. I would happily recommend the team to anyone, and they have done a great job for us in our listed cottage.

Keith B2024-04-05T08:45:45+01:00


Making our beautiful, but cold, Georgian house warm! Living in a Grade ll Georgian house with huge windows and high ceilings is a joy in summer but a bit of an endurance in winter. We didn’t think we would find any solution until we found Mitchell & Dickinson. They are very popular it seems, so


Mrs G

We are beyond pleased with the result We are beyond pleased with the result of the window repairs, draught proofing and secondary glazing. The house is warmer, drier, quieter and above all more cosy. Harry and Nico were here for almost two weeks, they turned up every morning with a smile and got straight on

Mrs G2024-04-05T08:42:02+01:00


Well crafted to each window Mitchell and Dickinson were polite at every stage. Every window in this house is different and so they painstakingly over 10 days fitted, filled, sanded and painted a bead to each frame. The end result is hardly noticeable but our warmth is. Great people and not a bother having them



Even better than expected Our 100-year-old listed building on the edge of Exmoor has lots of windows which give it a unique appearance. But in the winter months, it was prone to rivers of condensation which caused mould and rotted some casements. The work that M&D carried out has got rid of the condensation in


Carole G

Remarkable professionalism We had half of our windows secondary glazed by this remarkable company when they first started trading some nine years ago and were delighted. This year we were in the middle of a major renovation of our 223-year-old house so decided now was the time to complete the project by asking them back

Carole G2024-04-05T08:34:11+01:00

Emmanuelle W

Great experience all round with this installation Having tradesmen in your house for 2 weeks is always daunting but I can honestly say that I couldn't have been more pleased with how easy the process was and how incredibly polite, considerate and discreet the team was. We are really happy with the end result too

Emmanuelle W2024-04-05T08:34:37+01:00

Simon B

Delighted with the results from Mitchell and Dickinson Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail at every stage of the process, our house is now cosy and warm after having draft proofing and secondary glazing completed on our 200-year-old windows and doors. The secondary glazing is virtually invisible so none of the character of our unique

Simon B2024-04-05T08:31:30+01:00

Delphina H

We would not hesitate to recommend the company. We are absolutely delighted with the workmanship of Joe and Greg at Mitchell and Dickinson and would not hesitate to recommend the company.

Delphina H2023-09-29T09:01:35+01:00