We’re delighted to announce that Mitchell & Dickinson has been shortlisted in not one but two 2020/21 National Energy Efficiency AwardsNational Energy Efficiency Champion of the Year and Energy Efficiency Landlord

Our founder, Mukti Mitchell has been shortlisted in the National Energy Efficiency Champion of the Year category, which recognises demonstrable leadership in the field. The beautiful historic harbour village of Clovelly on the north Devon coast has been shortlisted in the Energy Efficiency Landlord category, in recognition of a pioneering energy-saving insulation initiative undertaken by Mitchell & Dickinson in conjunction with the estate’s forward-thinking landlord, John Rous. 

This month we’re sharing the inspirational credentials that earned Mukti Mitchell his shortlisting and next month we’ll reveal the fascinating personal story behind Clovelly. If you’d like to learn more about Clovelly in the meantime, you can read our project case study here.

Mukti is well known in the South West for his dedication to energy efficiency. He’s already won numerous awards, given hundreds of talks and interviews on the subject, and regularly appears in local media. 

Both Mukti and his family have long practised and advocated sustainable, low-carbon living and were hailed Britain’s Greenest Family in the 2021 P.E.A. Awards. They grow their own vegetables, collect rainwater, make their own compost and drive an electric car. They’ve also halved the energy use of their solar-powered, 17thcentury farmhouse by insulating the walls and windows.

Mukti himself has made energy efficiency his life’s work: innovating, inspiring, advocating and lobbying alongside personally conducting over 900 home-energy-saving consultations for private homeowners, and more than 30 assessments for landlords and estates. 

Over and above this, he has designed, built and, in 2007, sailed a zero-carbon micro-yacht round the UK, raising awareness in schools and communities along the way. He’s also written five award-winning carbon calculators, invented our award-winning CosyGlazing secondary glazing system, organised the 2018 Retrofit Revolution conference and established the Carbon Savvy education platform – to name but a few of the many things he’s achieved in the field. And he’s not done yet.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Mukti established The Period and Listed Retrofit Academy to provide energy-saving education and resources to owners of listed and period properties.

He’s currently writing a book on decarbonisation and is involved in a number of projects tackling the reduction and sequestration of CO₂, and he continues to champion energy efficiency as a key part of the carbon reduction agenda.

Mukti founded Mitchell & Dickinson in 2010 and, so far, we’ve insulated over 1200 homes – that’s a carbon saving of over 40,000 tonnes of CO₂, providing a return on investment to homeowners of 10—20%. Mukti is passionate about adopting a clear, meaningful, positive and inclusive approach to low-carbon living; leading through example and explanation rather than shaming and scaremongering. We’re sure you’ll agree, he’s an inspirational man and a very worthy contender for the award.

Update: At the glittering awards ceremony, Mukti was awarded third place in the ‘National Energy Efficiency Champion of the Year’ category and Clovelly was awarded first place in ‘Energy Efficiency Landlord’ category. There will be more on Clovelly’s award win in our next post.