Your home loses heat in five main areas …

Draught Proofing Middlesex

The low-hanging fruits of insulation are loft insulation, advanced secondary glazing and draught proofing, which together can reduce heat loss by 40% in a detached property and 50% in a mid-terrace property. Just imagine the difference that would make to the cost of heating your period property in winter.

We can install these three solutions in your Middlesex home between 1-3 weeks depending on the size of your property, and you can use your home as usual during the installation.

Our team of craftsmen and women are friendly, professional and efficient, and we focus on working cleanly so you experience minimal disruption and mess. And, of course, they clean up thoroughly during and at the end of the job so everything is exactly as it was before they arrived.

What’s the payback period?

To cover the cost of your investment, most people will see additional savings in approximately 5-10 years, which is equivalent to gaining over 10 per cent interest on your investment.

Further insulation

After secondary glazing, loft insulation and draught proofing, the most effective solutions are wall and floor insulation. They are a little more involved and expensive so are best considered after the first three measures. However, as fuel bills continue to rise they become more and more cost effective every year – and it’s particularly nice to be warm underfoot in winter!

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Draught Proofing Middlesex

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Draught Proofing Middlesex


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Draught Proofing Middlesex


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Draught Proofing Middlesex

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