Mitchell & Dickinson’s founding family is hailed the greenest in the UK

Our co-founder Mukti Mitchell’s inspirational family has been voted the greenest in the UK

We’re delighted to share that our co-founder Mukti Mitchell’s inspirational family has been voted the greenest in the UK for their wholehearted approach to sustainable living. 

Their story featured on BBC Spotlight on 30 November 2021, in which Mukti and his father Satish Kumar offered sustainable lifestyle advice and tips for lowering the carbon footprint of your Christmas shopping.

The BBC news item gave an insight into the family’s sustainable lifestyle, which includes growing their own vegetables, collecting rainwater, making their own compost, and driving an electric car. 

The family’s heartfelt approach to sustainable, energy-saving solutions permeates all Mitchell & Dickinson services. It was also in evidence in the news item, which highlighted the fact that they have been able to halve the energy use of their solar-powered north Devon home by insulating the walls and windows. 

Please do not underestimate the value of small steps,’ said Satish. ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. So, if everybody takes small steps, it will add up and we will have a better future for the whole of humanity.’

Former Jain monk Satish has walked across the world to spread a message of peace, while Mukti sailed solo round the Britain using only wind-power, to encourage others to lower their carbon footprint. Both men are authentic examples of advocates practising what they preach, and they encourage others to do the same through simple, small changes to their lifestyles.

One of the most important things you can do to lower your carbon footprint when shopping is to purchase quality long-lasting products,’ explained Mukti. ‘After that, buying local, handmade and second-hand are all really good principles.’

The news item concludes with some final words of wisdom from Satish, and we end our final feature of the year with the same. But, before we do, we’d like to wish you, your family and your colleagues a very merry festive season and a peaceful, low-carbon 2022. 

This planet is our common home, and we have to look after it. Everybody has to participate. Not only the government. Not only business. Not only industry. Every citizen needs to take responsibility for the care of our common home.’

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