An easy way to calculate your carbon footprint and get tips on how to lower it

Understand your personal carbon footprint and identify the changes needed to lower it, using Carbon Savvy's carbon footprint calculator

Without understanding our own carbon footprint, it can be hard to identify the home and lifestyle changes needed to lower it, but now there’s a solution.

If you’re on a mission to lower your carbon footprint, a great place to start is by improving the energy efficiency of your property, through measures such as insulation, secondary glazing and draught-proofing.

You can also make lifestyle changes, as our co-founder Mukti Mitchell highlighted in a recent television interview, including buying high-quality, durable and reusable products, and shopping locally. These are just the tip of the (metaphorical and yet all-too-real and shrinking) iceberg. To fully grasp how small steps such as these could quickly add up to a measurable and meaningful difference, you need a carbon footprint calculator, and Mukti has just the tool for the job. 

Mukti is a director of Carbon Savvy, a company dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life while reducing their carbon footprint. Carbon Savvy has just launched the most comprehensive carbon calculator in its suite of three easy-to-use online tools. The cutting-edge platform uses intuitive and intelligent design to maximise simplicity, accuracy and actionability. 

Carbon footprint calculators

Visitors to the Carbon Savvy website can choose between a taster calculator, which takes about a minute to use, a popular five-minute version. For those wanting to drill down into the details, there’s a 45-minute full calculator. You’ll get an insight into your personal footprint and helpful tips on how to reduce it.

‘What puts our new calculator in a class of its own is how it captures the detail and interconnectivity of a real-world, personal carbon footprint within the bigger national picture, and then gives guidance on how to reduce that footprint,’ says Mukti.  

You can access the suite of carbon footprint calculators on the Carbon Savvy website. And if you decide to take steps towards reducing your footprint by retrofitting energy-saving solutions to your home, why not start by booking a consultation with one of our friendly experts?

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