Lisa Pritchard

How we fully insulated a period property on the Clovelly estate in north Devon.

Lisa lives in a four-bedroom cottage on the Clovelly Estate in Devon.

The problem

Lisa Pritchard loves living in Clovelly, one of Devon’s most beautiful, historic villages, but for many years she braved the Atlantic gales with her Rayburn on full blast, knowing she was spending hundreds of pounds battling the draughts – and losing. Most of Clovelly’s buildings are Grade 1 or 2* listed, a designation designed to protect its heritage, but this means that fitting double glazing isn’t an option.

The solution

She brought in Mitchell & Dickinson to implement four solutions for her draughty cottage: CosyGlazing, sheep’s wool loft insulation, sloping ceiling insulation and draught proofing.

The result

Lisa reports that her fuel bills have dropped by 50% from £2,400 per year to £1,200.

She says, ‘I noticed the change straight away. I’m buying half the coal I used to, so it is saving me 50% on my fuel bills and when that is £30-40 a week, it soon mounts up.’

‘Last year, for the first time, we didn’t light the Rayburn from May to September at all, and did so only a few times in March and April. I used to put an electric heater in the children’s bedroom for three hours every evening and last winter I only used it once. People would be crazy not to have it done.’
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