Living in a beautiful listed property doesn’t have to mean putting up with huge heating bills and our finance options mean no huge upfront costs either.

Choose either 0% APR representative over 3 years with a 25% deposit or 9.9% APR representative over 5 years with a 10% deposit.

To help you understand how this would work in practice, here’s two real-life case studies:

Mrs W wanted secondary glazing and draught proofing in the kitchen, sitting room and front door of her listed Victorian semi-detached property because it is costly to heat and freezing cold in the winter.

Her quote came to just over £7,300.  Her finance options were to either to go for interest bearing over 5 years and a small deposit upfront  or to pay a slightly bigger deposit and get interest free credit over 3 years.

The interest bearing low deposit option over 5 years would mean she would pay a 10% deposit of £730 with a total of £6,570 under finance which would mean she paid £137.90 per month for five years starting from when the job was completed and she could start to benefit from the energy savings and the wonderful improvement in the warmth of her home.  She would pay a total in interest of £1,704.57 over the five year period, so she is paying 23.35% more for the product in order to benefit from the low deposit of 10% and spreading the payments over 5 years.

Alternatively , because her order is over £5,000 which is the minimum order level for the 0% finance offering , she could get interest free finance over 3 years. She would need to put down a 25% deposit – £1,825 and would then be getting the balance of £5,475 financed at 0% which would mean she would pay £152.08 per month over 3 years. Again she would only start paying for it when the job was complete.

Mr L has a cottage and wanted secondary glazing in his bedrooms and lounge to stop the cold in the winter.  He also wanted his kitchen door draught proofed.

The quote came to just over £3,700. Because it is under our minimum order value he cannot have interest free credit, but he could pay for it over 5 years with just a 10% deposit at 9.9%. The deposit would be just £370 and the monthly payments would be only £69.89 over the next 5 years after he had had the work completed. He would pay a total of £863.96 in interest over the loan period.

Please talk to us about your particular project and we can provide you with a free quote and finance options.

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