CosyGlazing, allows you to enhance your existing windows, open them smoothly in summer, reduce energy bills and stay warmer in winter

CosyGlazing is an advanced secondary glazing system developed and tested over seven years that is elegant, effective and unobtrusive. We use plexiglass – a modern, lightweight equivalent to glass that’s used in the aeronautical industry – to provide a second layer to your period windows.

Our secondary glazing is unobtrusive and smart. In can be supplied in white or in a wooden frame to complement your Bristol property. We can even paint it in a Farrow & Ball tone to match your existing windows.

In addition to installing CosyGlazing we also provide a full window restoration service. We will leave you with stunningly restored and painted windows with matching secondary glazing and smart fittings that will find you looking at your windows as much as looking through them.

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Can I install CosyGlazing in my listed building?

Yes. Conservation officers love CosyGlazing because it’s both reversible (you can take it out, leaving your windows intact and unaltered) and invisible from the outside which makes it approved for listed buildings. It’s virtually invisible from the inside too, which means your beautiful listed windows will still look stunning while keeping your home warmer.

Nine out of 10 conservation officers across southern England agree that CosyGlazing does not require listed building consent for Grade I , Grade II or Grade II* listed buildings. However, we always recommend that you contact your conservation officer to get their view. Very occasionally they will ask homeowners to file a Listed Building Consent Application (which is free), however we have never had an application turned down. The main reason for this is that CosyGlazing preserves the historic fabric of the windows, is virtually invisible and allows you to open your windows as usual. If the installation of CosyGlazing also involves refurbishing the window, it lasts even longer which preserves the architectural heritage.

If you have concerns, we are happy to make a discrete enquiry with your conservation officer on your behalf, and also can manage your application process if you wish.

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  • CosyGlazing is perfect for sash windows in period homes and listed properties

  • CosyGlazing reduces heat loss from single glazed windows by 70%

  • CosyGlazing fits to every type of window and you can open your windows as usual

  • CosyGlazing is approved for Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings

Listed Property Bristol, Portishead, Clifton, Thornbury

The solution for period homes and listed properties

The CosyGlazing Secondary Glazing system was designed specifically for period homes and listed properties. We have a huge amount of experience installing secondary glazing to older properties across the South West. One major advantage of our system is that it helps improve the thermal properties of your windows without losing their aesthetic appeal. With teams based in Bristol, Newbury, Banbury, Devon and Surrey we can supply our unique CosyGlazing system to owners of country homes and traditional period properties across the area including Clifton, Filton, Yate, Thornbury, Portishead, Clevedon, Nailsea, Keynsham and Kingswood as well as across the UK.

More than just secondary glazing

It’s not just secondary glazing that we have to offer, Mitchell & Dickinson are specialists in making period homes warmer. We are able to provide a full range of draught proofing and insulation services that have been designed to be sensitive and in-keeping with the history of your property. Get in touch today to discuss secondary glazing or any of our solutions.

Could your windows be a great investment as well?

If you have savings in the bank at today’s interest rates, you’ll not get much in return. But investing in your home is different. Since 2010 we’ve helped homeowners like you save 13,500 tonnes C02, with savings of up to 25% in heating bills as well as increasing the value of your home.

We call it the Cosyglazing Triple Return on Investment: you save on heating bills, you help save the planet by reducing CO2 and you increase the value of your home.

To start getting the best return or to discuss any of our solutions get in touch today.

Listed Property Bristol, Portishead, Clifton, Thornbury

Full Insulation

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Specialist secondary glazing for period homes

Listed Property Bristol, Portishead, Clifton, Thornbury

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