July 2022

I rarely write recommendations but I’m writing this as I want prospective customers of M&D to know they won’t regret their decision.

Mitchell & Dickenson came very highly recommended but there is always a doubt until you have your own direct experience. But I need not have worried. The MD, Tom Coles, made a point of contacting us personally, to discuss our concerns. He then visited himself to conduct the survey. All of this made a very good impression.

The insulation process is long and complex. It involves workmen being inside your home for many days – four weeks, in our case. Again, there was trepidation. Again, I worried unnecessarily. From the first moment they arrived with us, their engineers – Tony and Jason – showed us every possible consideration. They were quiet, careful and exceptionally tidy. Every step was explained to us and our comments taken on board. Above all, they have very high standards, so we always felt we were in safe hands and that a wonderful job was being done.

Mitchell & Dickenson performs to a high level. We could tell that in advance from their literature and the recommendations they received. But this job is always going to be a major expenditure, for everyone, not something you would undertake lightly – even though the times make it all but a necessity. So, you look for indications that you are making a wise decision in choosing a particular company to carry out the work in your home.

I rarely write recommendations. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did. But I am writing this because I want prospective customers of M&D to know that they will never regret their decision. This is one of those companies one hopes still exists – careful, considerate, thorough, highly professional, courteous and – absolutely – not just jumping on the eco-bandwagon to make a quick buck. They have been doing it for a while, long before it was profitable, because they think it’s the right thing to do. And I am very grateful for the day that someone recommended them to me.