December 2019

Great job! We had M&D teams with us for four weeks over three visits. Partially because of a complex job and partially because of all the little, and not so little, surprises that turned up during the job. We have a listed property and whilst there is some debate whether an LBC is actually required, we applied for one with M&D assistance. No queries from the conservation officer and received approval v quickly.

We did look at a number of systems before settling on M&D. Definitely not the cheapest but the overall appearance is great. It wasn’t a quick decision for us, probably two years from first contact to completion. Helen was our main contact and she was ever helpful and ready to answer our various questions and queries. Equally important for a job of this type is the skill and experience of the fitting teams. The three teams of fitters that we met were all skilled, systematic, calm and thorough.

There is a definite quality approach to the work. They were all polite, clean and tidy. Our project included an amount of restoration and it turned out that there was rather more restoration required than we’d anticipated! Dealing with the surprises was where the fitters skill and experience really made the difference. The end result is a warmer home where the secondary glazing is hardly noticeable.