Mitchell & Dickinson founder shared his vision for a low carbon future at this year’s Devon Environmental Business Initiative Awards

The Devon Environmental Business Initiative Awards 2017 were held at the Met Office in Exeter. Mitchell & Dickinson founder, Mukti Mitchell, was one of the guest speakers.

The awards pay tribute to organisations in Devon (encompassing business, the public sector, community and education) that have demonstrated a commitment to operating in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Mukti was awarded Environment Champion 2016 at the DEBI awards last year for supporting environmental causes throughout his career, as well as for his work insulating Britain’s period homes through Mitchell & Dickinson. He was then awarded South West Energy Efficiency Champion in 2017.

At the event, he shared his experience of living a low carbon lifestyle and how we can all reduce our personal carbon footprint by doing things such as buying locally produced food, taking less flights and spending less fuel to heat our homes.

Mukti then went on to show how Mitchell & Dickinson is helping people reduce the amount of fuel they use (and the associated heating bills) through its solutions that include an advanced secondary glazing system called CosyGlazing, elegant draught proofing and environmentally friendly loft insulation made from sheep’s wool.

Demonstrating how being environmentally friendly is good for business as well as the planet, Mukti said: ‘Across England and America, businesses are finding that their sustainable product lines are growing faster than other product lines; UK eco businesses such as Triodos Bank, Ecotricity and Good Energy emerged almost unscathed from the last recession. Environmental businesses are remarkably resilient and the low carbon economy is predicted to grow four times faster than the main economy in the next decade.’