The likelihood of La Niña hitting this winter makes insulating your period home a priority

Recent news stories report that scientists across the globe think the conditions in the Pacific could trigger La Niña this winter, which has devastating effects on weather.

The Met Office in Exeter says, ‘Historically, La Niña events tend to occur about once every five years, but forecasts over the last few months show an increasing risk of La Niña developing this winter.’

Forecasters in the press are predicting some areas of Britain are facing up to 4 inches of snow during the coldest months, with temperatures dipping as low as -8°c, and warn it may be the start of a long cold spell.

If you own a period home which gets very chilly and draughty in winter, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not too late to make your home cosy in time for winter.

As specialists in advanced secondary glazing, draught proofing and sheep’s wool loft insulation, we can make your listed or period property significantly warmer while retaining all of the original features and meeting the strict regulations for Grade I, II and II* listed properties.

If you need a quicker fix before the harshest months of January and February, we can even secondary glaze just the room you spend most time in, such as the sitting room.

We have a limited amount of slots available for our craftspeople to carry out the work, so do call our friendly team on 01237 429826 ASAP to find out how we can help and what is still available.